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One device


Infinite possibilities



Analyse & Solve

Extend the range

Signal too weak at long grid spans? Noises sources at intermediary PLC topology levels make meters unavailable?

With PLC Super Node installed at problem locations,  grid segments beyond PLC signal reach become a thing of the past.


Meters temporarily out of reach

Take the meter data availability to another level.

With its very strong signal, PLC Super Node becomes a local switch node and stabilises the topology.

Less bandwidth consuming topology rebuilds and more instantly accessible meters mean better data completeness, ready for further processing.

Plug and play ready

Footprint of a mobile phone and robust polycarbonate IP54 grade enclosure make installation practically anywhere a breeze.

As soon as PLC Super Node boots up, it registers with a DC and becomes a switchnode. Built-in display shows what is going on with the PLC network.

Unsurpassed diagnostics

Identify noises with real time signal spectrum display with dedicated mobile application.

Remotely access FFT profiles – unique feature never seen before.

Inspect PRIME Management Plane data to check the network topology and signal quality as seen by the node.


Serves it’s purpose well

  • High endurance polycarbonate case
  • Built-in power supply
  • Operative in wide range of temperatures: from -40 °C to +85 °C
  • Electronic display


Get everything you need with just one tool

PLC Super Node opens the door for multiple features that expand far beyond just amplifying signal. It can be your bridge between locations and a concentrator. It can solve your problem with signal disruption. In this tiny device we fit many useful functionalities and this is just the beginning. Our PLC Super Node is designed to be easily developed and enhanced with new powerful features yet to come. Stay tuned.



Get your network up and running


Expand your capabilities with extended analysis tool

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